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The Focus of Second Line of Defense

For nearly a decade, Second Line of Defense has been providing cutting edge interviews with warfighters and the teams that support them.  Our interviews have been conducted worldwide and have focused on the evolution and transformation of the defense capabilities of the liberal democracies.

Our coverage has been unique and has been widely proliferated on the web and in print media.  We have focused on the evolution of U.S. and allied forces and have discussed these evolutions with the leaders and shapers of those forces.

Our team has visited many military and industrial sites first hand and has shared our findings with our readers, many of whom are the leaders of the military transformation underway.

We have regularly published special reports which bring together several of our analytical pieces in examining key global developments and evolving responses to those developments.

We highlight both in our videos and slideshows various military activities.  By culling various defense sites to find the best videos and photos, including some produced by ourselves, we broaden the reportage on military activities and innovations.

In addition, to Second Line of Defense itself, we have a significant readership on our Vimeo page as well.

In addition, we have strived to enhance knowledge of the way ahead by including where possible briefings, which outline key developments or approaches in various military commands and within various aspects of defense innovation and industry,

In addition, to Second Line of Defense itself, we have a significant readership on our slideshare page as well.

Second Line of Defense’s global partners are part of our global reach and effort to shape enhanced global perception of the response of the liberal democracies to the challenges posed by the illiberal powers.

We have heard a great deal about the illiberal powers building out anti-access and area denial systems; we have heard much less about how the liberal democracies are shaping capabilities to enhance their room for maneuver and to protect their sovereignty and freedom.

On Second Line of Defense, we have provided and will provide continuing analysis of how the liberal democracies can prevail in a very difficult global environment.

We have grown from our initial website, sldinfo.com to broaden our coverage as well.

Second Line of Defense Forum provides an opportunity to generate debate on controversial issues and to provide insights that the main stream media is not likely to provide.


The current forum is focusing on this core question:

How will the US and the Allies Meet the Challenge of Shifting from Slow-Mo to High Intensity Combat Operations?

Past Forums have dealt with a number of key questions:

A New Administration: A New Day for American Foreign and Defense Policy

The Gathering Storm: Shaping a Way Ahead

How to Prevail in the Second Nuclear Age?

Can the United States Build an Effective Pacific Strategy for the 21st Century?

How to build a Nike perspective for rebuilding the post-Afghanistan US military?

What are the Lessons Learned Today and for the Future by the Bold Alligator 2012 Exercise?

What do the next 15 years of 21st Century Air Power look like?

Can the PRC dominate the Pacific in the next 15 years?

The co-founder of Second Line of Defense, Murielle Delaporte, has created a cutting edge defense magazine published in France with a correlated website, OPERATIONNELS.


And in 2018, we are launching a new website, defense.info.

The website will provide cutting edge analyses of global strategic challenges and developments as well as overviews on the introduction and evolution of key defense platforms and systems.

Second Line of Defense will prioritize the professional military developments shaping the crafting and build out of 21st century military forces.

Second Line of Defense Forum will continue to provide a venue for debating the critical developments affecting the defense capabilities crucial to the defense of the liberal democracies.

Defense.info will provide analyses and assessments of the broader strategic context within which the professional military developments highlighted by Second LIne of Defense are unfolding.

And as an information website, we will highlight and consolidate our assessments of key platforms which we have analyzed and will analyze essential to the evolving capabilities of the defense forces for the liberal democracies: F-22, F-35, A400M, KC-130J, A330MRTT, Typhoon, Wedgetail, and other key platforms and systems.


All op eds and content of this website are the product of their authors and solely reflect their views.

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