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By Robbin Laird The US Navy over the next decade will reshape its carrier air wing (CVW) with the introduction of a number of new platforms. If one simply lists the initial operating capabilities of each of these new platforms, and looked at their introduction sequentially, the "air wing of the future" would be viewed in additive terms – what has been added and what has been subtracted and the sum of these activities would…

From the Integrated to the Integratable Air Wing: The Transformation of Naval Aviation

02/19/2020By Robbin Laird The US Navy over the next decade will reshape its carrier air wing (CVW) with the introduction of a number of new platforms. If one… Read more »

The 21st Century Fighting Navy: Shaping a Way Ahead

02/12/2020This Special Report focuses on how the US Navy is reshaping its capabilities for the 21st century fight and the key role which Naval Aviation is playing in… Read more »

CMV-22B is on Its Way: Visiting Amarillo

02/10/2020By Robbin Laird Last Friday, the US Navy and the Bell-Boeing team hosted an event in which the CMV-22B was rolled out. The ceremonial delivery was held on… Read more »

USS Gerald R. Ford Flight Operations: January 2020

01/30/2020The USS Gerald R. Ford is conducting Aircraft Compatibility Testing or ACT off the East Coast of the United States this month. According to an article published by… Read more »

The Arrival of Triton in the Pacific: New Manned-Unmanned Teaming Capabilities and Delivering new C2/ISR capabilities

01/28/2020The first two MQ-4C Triton unmanned aircraft arrived in Guam over the past weekend. “The inaugural deployment of Triton UAS brings enhanced capabilities and a broad increase in… Read more »

Building Out the Fleet with Maritime Remotes and AI: The UK Case

01/22/2020The US, the UK and Australia are working closely together with regard on developing maritime remote systems to work with and transform their maritime fleets. Recently, the UK… Read more »

USMC Aviation: Looking Back to the 2010s and Forward to the 2020s

01/20/2020By Robbin Laird The significant change in USMC aviation since the introduction of the Osprey has set in motion fundamental changes overall in USMC capabilities and concepts of… Read more »

Shaping High End Integrated Training: The Australian Case

01/19/2020By Andrew McLaughlin The RAAF graduates a growing number of Air Warfare Instructors across multiple skillsets They are among the RAAF best of the best – the latest… Read more »

The Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force-Crisis Response-Central Command and Crisis Intervention: Insertion Into the Baghdad Embassy Crisis

01/03/2020The United States along now with the Japanese are the only tiltrotor enabled combat forces in the world. This unique capability has been the backbone of innovations in… Read more »