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By Robbin Laird During my recent visit to Hawaii, I had a chance to talk with Brigadier General Michael Winkler, Director of Strategic Plans, Requirements and Programs at the Pacific Air Force. We discussed a wide range of subjects, but in this article, I will focus on our discussion of the way ahead for PACAF and the joint force in crafting a way ahead for Pacific defense. The U.S. services and our allies are focused…

A Discussion with Major General James F. Glynn: The CG of MARSOC

11/18/2021By Robbin Laird The Marine Forces Special Operations Command provides an interesting case study for the USMC transformation path. It was stood up in 2006 and was clearly… Read more »

Re-shaping Forces for the High-End Fight: The Challenge of Overcoming the Legacy of the Land Wars

10/29/2021By Robbin Laird With the return of the high-end fight, and the challenge of delivering tailored military capabilities to ensure escalation dominance in the maritime domain, a broadened… Read more »

The Australian Submarine Decision: Challenges and Next Steps

10/26/2021By Robbin Laird The decision by the Morrison Administration to shift from a conventional submarine to a nuclear submarine is part of the strategic reset underway in Australia… Read more »

Task Force 59: Creating Maritime Capabilities for the 5th Fleet Area of Operations

10/24/2021In early September 2021, the U.S. Navy set up a new task force to deliver usable unmanned systems for enhanced maritime capabilities in the 5th Fleet Area of… Read more »

The Three Ts: Training, Tactics, Techniques and Procedures Driving Combat Innovation

10/13/2021By Robbin Laird Training is becoming an advanced weapon system. So much so that the classic formulation of Tactics, Techniques and Procedures upon which training has been built… Read more »

Shaping a Way Ahead for Force Design 2030 in the Pacific: The Perspective of the MARFORPAC G-9 Branch Head

09/30/2021By Robbin Laird Another change since my last visit to MARFORPAC in 2014-2015 was how the distributed laydown begun in that period was being reworked in terms of… Read more »

The Strategic Shift by the Marines in the Pacific: The Logistics Challenges

09/24/2021By Robbin Laird The distributed laydown which started in 2014 has now been re-calibrated to focus on Marines operating further forward in the Pacific and doing so with… Read more »

A New Generation of Military Unmanned Vehicles

09/23/2021By George Galdorisi At the highest levels of U.S. intelligence and military policy documents, there is universal agreement that the United States remains at war, even as the… Read more »

Operations in the Information Environment: The Perspective from MARFORPAC Marines

09/22/2021By Robbin Laird During my August 2021 visit to MARFORPAC, I had a chance to talk with the specialists in information operations within the command. In particular, I… Read more »