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By Robbin Laird As the first combat force in the world to operate the F-35, the Marines experienced the challenge but also the impacts of what a fifth-generation aircraft can deliver to the battlespace. At the heart of what a four-ship formation of F-35s can deliver is an integrated core combat capability of sensor fusion. And this combined sensor fusion can be shared across four platforms, able to work seamlessly through the Communication, Navigation &…

Living through the Global Coronavirus Crisis: The Centrality of Connectivity

04/05/2020Certainly, one key impact of the Coronavirus crisis has highlighted in the crucial role of connectivity to allow 21st century societies to function even under duress. Stay at… Read more »

The USMC and Digital Interoperability: Shaping an Integrated Distributed Force

04/03/2020By Robbin Laird As the first combat force in the world to operate the F-35, the Marines experienced the challenge but also the impacts of what a fifth-generation… Read more »

L3Harris Australia: Working as Part of Team Luerssen in the New Build OPV

04/01/2020By Robbin Laird In the first part of this article, I posed the question: What does it mean to be a supplier to such an effort in which the… Read more »

The Australian Government and the Australian Arafura Class Offshore Patrol Vessel: The Perspective of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG)

03/31/2020By Robbin Laird After my visit to Perth and the Henderson Shipyard, I had a chance in Canberra to discuss the new class of OPVs with the senior… Read more »

Shaping a New Build Platform for an Integratable Force: What is the Role Then for Suppliers?

03/30/2020By Robbin Laird I have focused in recent months on the shaping of the integrated distributed force as the core outcome of shaping a sixth-generation force. At the… Read more »

Crafting Tron Warfare Capabilities for the Integrated Distributed Force

03/30/2020By Andrew McLaughlin When introducing a new capability, a major factor in its success – or otherwise – is its ability to be successfully integrated with other capabilities.  … Read more »

The New Australian Offshore Patrol Vessel: Its Impact in the Perspective of Vice Admiral (Retired) Tim Barrett

03/23/2020By Robbin Laird The first time I met Vice Admiral (Retired) Tim Barrett was at the 2016 Williams Foundation Seminar in which he addressed the evolving role of… Read more »

Visiting HMAS Rankin: The Collins Class Shapes a Way Ahead for the Next Generation Australian Submarine

03/14/2020By Robbin Laird On March 12, 2020 I had a chance to visit HMAS Sterling and to visit the HMAS Rankin, one of the Collins class submarines homeported… Read more »

The New Build Australian Attack Submarine: Convergent Forces and Expectations

03/14/2020By Robbin Laird This week I have had the opportunity to visit Western Australia. I visited both the Henderson shipyard and HMAS Stirling, the Collins submarine base. I… Read more »