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By Robbin Laird From the introduction to the Book: In their preface to their book on the F-35, the authors start with this statement: The F-35s journey through time has been unlike any other in the annuals of aerospace and defense history. It was devised under the gospel of acquisition reform, it undertook the unprecedented challenge of unifying three very different U.S. services in a common platform to replace ten existing and aging aircraft, it…

An Update on B-2s Engaged in Training with the RAAF

07/25/2022n an Australian Department of Defence article published on July 11, 2022, the arrival of B-2 aircraft to Amberley airbase was highlighted. B-2 Spirit bomber aircraft from the Pacific… Read more »

Disruptive Change in European and Trans-Atlantic Defense and the Nordic Opportunity

07/15/2022By Robbin Laird The coming of Sweden and Finland into NATO is not simply an additive event. But the prospect of Nordic defense integratability provides for an opportunity… Read more »

“It is Not My Father’s Second Fleet”: Excerpts from Chapter Eight of “A Maritime Kill Web Force in the Making”

07/14/2022With the strategic opportunity for rebuilding Nordic defense, the project begun in 2018 in Norfolk in reshaping the U.S. and allied navy’s command structures and force design can… Read more »

Expeditionary Seabasing and Expanding the Maritime Kill Web Force

07/13/2022We have just published our book A Maritime Kill Web Force in the Making which highlights how mobile and sea basing provide key components for an integrated distributed… Read more »

Building a Platform for Wolfpack Unmanned Surface Vessel Kill Web Operations

07/12/2022By Robbin Laird As the U.S. Navy shifts to a priority emphasis on distributed maritime operations, the opportunity for maritime autonomous systems to play a growing role is… Read more »

The Key Role of Training in Dynamic Evolution of Capabilities for the High-End Fight and Crisis Management

06/29/2022By Robbin Laird Training is one of the words that changes meaning as the liberal democracies face the military dimension posed by the 21st century authoritarian powers. Rather… Read more »

Cross-Decking and Distributed Maritime Operations

06/27/2022According to a story published by 3rd Marine Air Wing on August 20, 2021, VMFA-211 conducted the first cross-deck aviation mission in modern naval history. Marine Fighter Attack… Read more »

Preparing for Kill Web Concepts of Operations: Squaring the Testing-Training Circle

06/25/2022By Robbin Laird For the Australians, it is called fifth generation warfare. For the British, it is called the integrated operating concept. For DARPA, it is called mosaic… Read more »

Unmanned Integration at Sea: A Perspective on Task Force 59

06/13/2022By Robbin Laird We are working on a longer term effort examining how autonomous systems can be integrated into fleet operations. Most analysis of the way ahead with… Read more »