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By Robbin Laird For the Australians, it is called fifth generation warfare. For the British, it is called the integrated operating concept. For DARPA, it is called mosaic warfare. For me, it is kill web concepts of operations. But what is entailed is building a distributed force that is integratable throughout an extended battlespace, in which the force is able to distribute sensors and strike systems to enhance the force’s survivability and lethality. The kill…

The Allied JFC Norfolk: Second Fleet’s Portal to NATO Navies

05/23/2021By Robbin Laird and Ed Timperlake As the U.S. Navy works its 21st century approach to fighting as a distributed but integrated fleet, a key element of success… Read more »

The Challenge of Preparing for Future Operations for 2nd MEF

05/22/2021By Robbin Laird II Marine Expeditionary Force supports service and Combatant Commander’s initiative as required. At the same time, II MEF is in transition and must focus on… Read more »

Working II MEF Operations in Transition

05/16/2021By Robbin Laird While reshaping how it will operate in the future, II MEF has to be ready to fight now. And to do so for 2nd and… Read more »

Rethinking Expeditionary Operations in the North Atlantic

05/12/2021By Robbin Laird As the U.S. Navy reworks how to do blue water expeditionary operations into and through the North Atlantic with integrated capabilities with our Nordic and… Read more »

The Marines and Naval Integration: The F-35 and the New UK Carrier Force

05/11/2021We have heard a good deal about the desire to work Navy and USMC integration. What can be forgotten in this discussion is how important USMC air is… Read more »

Reshaping ISR for Navy-USMC Integration

05/10/2021By Robbin Laird The terms C2, ISR and training are changing significantly in the shift from the land wars to the high-end fight. C2 is migrating from hierarchical… Read more »

The MEB and Naval Integration: Working the Next Phase of Atlantic Defense

05/07/2021By Robbin Laird The Russian seizure of Crimea set in motion the return of direct defense for both Europe and the United States. With Putin’s Russia reshaping it… Read more »

C2 and Fleet Innovation in the North Atlantic

05/06/2021By Robbin Laird and Ed Timperlake With the standing up of Second Fleet in 2018, the stand up of Allied Joint Forces Command and the incorporation of the… Read more »

II MEF Marines Prepare for the High-End Fight: MEFEX 21.1 and Dynamic Cape 21

05/03/2021By Robbin Laird During a visit to Camp Lejeune during the last week of April 2021, I had a chance to talk and interview the IIMEF leadership team.… Read more »