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The 11 April 2024 Sir Richard Williams Seminar: The Multi-Domain Requirements of an Australian Defence Strategy

05/12/2024 The first of two seminars of the Sir Richard Williams Foundation in 2024 was held on 11 April 2024 at the National Gallery of Australia. The seminar was entitled, The Multi-Domain Requirements of an Australian Maritime Strategy and the aim of the seminar was identified as follows: “To examine the enduring and emerging multi-domain requirements… Download PDF Now »
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Australian Defence and Deterrence: A 2024 Update

06/04/2024 We have published our latest book on Australian defence. This book is the second in the series on Australian Defence and Deterrence the first having been published in 2023. The… Read more »

The Coming European Elections and European Defence

06/03/2024 By  Pierre Tran Paris – France and Europe could boost their autonomy by increasing cooperation in the defense technology and industrial base rather than rely on the U.S. military umbrella,… Read more »

New Korean Challenges Await Next U.S. Administration

05/28/2024 By Richard Weitz North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs will present major challenges to whoever is elected president this year. Even President Trump would find it difficult to resume his… Read more »

MajGen Benedict on His Time as CG of 2nd Marine Air Wing

05/22/2024 By Robbin Laird On May 14, 2024, I visited 2nd Marine Air Wing to have the opportunity to speak with the Commanding General of the Wing, MajGen Scott Benedict. This… Read more »

A Look at Texelis: French Builder of Mobility Packages for Armored Vehicles

05/20/2024 By Pierre Tran Paris – Texelis, a builder of mobility packages for armored vehicles, is working on an electric  motorized wheel as an alternative to conventional drivelines, chief executive Jean Vandel… Read more »

Australian Defence Strategy in Transition: 2014-2024

05/20/2024 By Robbin Laird I have been coming to Australia since 2014 to participate in and write the seminar reports for the Sir Richard Williams Foundation. What started out as a… Read more »
In Briefs

VMFA-542 in Exercise Nordic Response 24

06/19/2024 VMFA-542 and the Royal Norwegian Air Force conduct flight operations with an F-35 Lightning II for a media day event with Exercise Nordic Response 24 Evenes, Norway. 03.07.2024 Video by… Read more »

Norwegian F-35 during Exercise Nordic Response 24

06/14/2024 A Norwegian F-35A Lightning II receives fuel from a KC-135 Stratotanker from the 914th Air Refueling Wing over the High North during Exercise Nordic Response 24. 03.08.2024 Video by Travis… Read more »

US and Dutch F-35s at Red Flag 24-2

06/12/2024 U.S. and Netherlands F-35 Lightning II aircraft conduct flight operations at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, during Exercise Red Flag 24-2. 03.12.2024 Video by Travis Minyon F-35 Joint Program Office Read more »

Exercise Nordic Response 24: Marines Engaged

06/10/2024 U.S. Marines with Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron (VMGR) 252, 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing (MAW), refuel F-35B Lightning II jets with Marine Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA) 542, 2nd MAW, using… Read more »

10th AAMDC Honors D-Day 80 in Normandy

06/09/2024 U.S. Army Col. Lisa Bartel, Deputy Commanding Officer of the 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command, delivers remarks at a D-Day 80 observance on June 3 in Houesville, France.… Read more »

First Army Hosts WWII Wreath Ceremony in Normandy on 80th Anniversary

06/08/2024 First Army hosted a wreath laying ceremony at Point Du Hoc, France in honor of the over 60 veterans who made the trip for the the 80th D-Day Commemoration, June… Read more »

Wasp Amphibious Ready Group-24th Marine Expeditionary Unit Trains in U.S. 2nd Fleet’s Area of Operation: April 2024

05/29/2024 ATLANTIC OCEAN April 7, 2024. Wasp is training and operating in U.S. 2nd Fleet’s area of operation and is the flag ship of the Wasp Amphibious Ready Group-24th Marine Expeditionary… Read more »

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Video of the Month

Change of Command, MAWTS-1, May 3, 2024

05/15/2024 U.S. Marines participate in the Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron One Change of Command ceremony at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Arizona, May 3, 2024. The MAWTS-1 Change of… Read more »
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