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Platforms, Concepts of Operations and Defense Decisions: The German Case

08/30/2020With the launch of our defense information website ( , we introduced a micro-site on defense decisions. We wrote: “In this new section of the website, we will address U.S. and allied upcoming procurement choices and decisions. “We are focused on how platform and system choices affect the evolution of the capabilities, concepts of… Download PDF Now »
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EMALS Launch USS Gerald R. Ford, November 17, 2020

11/19/2020This launch sequence was viewed onboard the USS Gerald R. Ford at sea November 17, 2020. It also features the in-deck launch control officer. Read more »

The View from the Bridge: USS Gerald R. Ford, November 17, 2020

11/19/2020This photo slide show highlights the view from the bridge of the USS Gerald R. Ford as seen on a visit at sea to the ship on November 17, 2020. Read more »

The European Defence Fund and European Defence: The Perspective of the EU Commissioner for the Internal Market

11/15/2020By Pierre Tran Paris.  The European Union could raise a total of €30-€40 billion ($35-$47 billion) to finance work on defense and security projects, drawing on the €7 billion budget… Read more »

Japan’s Ministry of Defence: “Free and Open-Pacific (FOIP)

11/13/2020According to the Japanese Ministry of Defence: A free and open maritime order, which relies on the rule of law, is the foundation for the stability and prosperity of the… Read more »

The Way Ahead for French Defense? A French Parliamentary Report Raises Significant Questions

11/12/2020By Pierre Tran Dateline Paris. A scathing parliamentary report on the draft 2021 defense budget pointed up  an imbalance of political power, with the executive arm withholding information from the… Read more »

The USAF and RAAF Training Partnership on the F-35

11/11/2020By Airman 1st Class Brooke Moeder, 56th Fighter Wing Public Affairs The Royal Australian Air Force returned a majority of its F-35A Lightning II pilots, maintainers and aircraft to RAAF Base… Read more »
In Briefs

Black Dagger Launch

11/23/2020Launch of a Black Dagger target missile at Fort Wingate NM in support of a White Sands Missile Range test mission. The Black Dagger was intercepted over WSMR as part… Read more »

Spartan Warrior 2020

11/20/2020The USAFE Warrior Prep Center hosted Spartan Warrior 20-09, the largest Combined Air Operations simulation exercise to test a new training simulator. These exercises will help improve interoperability, operational fluidity… Read more »

Landing with the New Advanced Arresting Gear: USS Gerald R. Ford, November 17, 2020

11/19/2020In this slideshow and video, a US Navy fighter jet lands onboard the USS Gerald R. Ford during the cyclical operations training cycle as seen on a visit to the… Read more »

Visiting the USS Gerald R. Ford, November 17, 2020: Photo Album 2

11/19/2020By Robbin Laird On November 17, 2020, a small number of journalists, most from the local Norfolk based media, flew from Norfolk Air Station to the USS Gerald R. Ford… Read more »

Weapons Elevator 3

11/18/2020Sailors assigned to USS Gerald R. Ford’s (CVN 78) weapons department move and build MK-82 500-pound class inert bombs May 30, 2020. Ford is underway in the Atlantic Ocean conducting… Read more »

Bomber Run

11/16/2020345th EBS sortie on Sept. 25th in support of Bomber Task Force 20-04. EIELSON AIR FORCE BASE, AK, UNITED STATES 09.25.2020 Video by Master Sgt. Theodore Daigle 307th Bomb Wing Read more »

Weapons Loading onboard USS Ford

11/13/2020Sailors assigned to USS Gerald R. Ford’s (CVN 78) weapons department and personnel attached to Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 8 load MK-82 500-pound class inert bombs and other inert ordnance… Read more »

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Video of the Month

The Australian Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise

10/26/2020“The National Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise is an ambitious nation-building project that will deliver cutting-edge capabilities to the Royal Australian Navy while creating thousands of jobs and building Australian industry. “The… Read more »
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