SLD Special Reports

The Nordics and the Strategic Shift

05/25/2018The Russian seizure of Crimea and other aspects of its global activism have had a significant effect on the Nordics. The Nordics are working mores closely together to deal with the strategic shift.  And they are adding new capabilities to shape a more effective approach to crisis management and deterrence in depth. Download PDF Now »
Whats New

The Coming of the Maritime Domain Enterprise to Australia: The P-8/Triton dyad

07/11/2018The security of Australia’s maritime borders will be significantly strengthened with another major military investment.  The Turnbull Government will invest $1.4 billion and acquire the first of six MQ-4C Triton… Read more »

The Russians and the Nordics: Intimidation Deflected by Mobilization

07/10/2018By Robbin Laird Putin has clearly focused on expanding Russian influence in the areas of strategic interest to Russia. While the United States has diffused its efforts with an over… Read more »

New UK MBDA Facility: Infrastructure for the Complex Weapons Project

07/07/2018A new MBDA facility was officially opened during a July 2, 2018 ceremony during the visit of Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson. According to a Ministry of Defence article: An opening… Read more »

The Strategic Shift: Recovering and Building Out ASW Skill Sets

07/04/2018As the land wars dominated the past 15 years, a number of key skill sets atrophied or certainly were drawn down. A core one was clearly anti-submarine warfare skill sets.… Read more »

The Nordics Rework Defense: The Role of Cross Border Air Combat Training

07/03/2018By Robbin Laird During the past couple of years, I have focused on the part of Europe which is very serious about defense, namely, Northern Europe. The Danes, the Norwegians,… Read more »

Raising the Bar on Maintainability: MAWTS-1 Focuses on the Challenge

07/02/2018By Robbin Laird Maintainability is a key aspect to ensure aircraft availability to support combat operations. The readiness crisis of the past few years has also included the challenge of… Read more »
In Briefs

Exercising an Amphibious Assault During BALTOPS

07/11/2018KAIRAI, LTHUANIA (June 4, 2018)  U.S. Marines assigned to 2nd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit and Members of the Romanian 307th Naval Infantry Battalion conduct an amphibious… Read more »

Working Defense for a Distributed Force

07/09/2018U.S. Marines with 2nd LAAD Battalion, Marine Air Control Group 28, 2nd Marine Air Wing lock on to aerial targets in support of Weapons and Tactics Instructor course 2-18 at… Read more »

The Conclusion of Exercise Hamel

07/08/2018Exercise Hamel is a major Army exercise that is designed to evaluate the war fighting skills of a brigade.  In 2018 the Brisbane-based 7th Brigade will be undergoing this evaluation.… Read more »

“European Defence Initiatives: An Opportunity for the Italian Economy.”

07/07/2018Undersecretary of State for Defence Angelo Tofalo recently participated in a workshop focused on “European Defence Initiatives: An Opportunity for the Italian Economy.” According to a story published by the Italian Ministry… Read more »

NATO Air Patrols in Montenegro

07/07/2018NATO Allies Italy and Greece have begun air patrols over Montenegro on 5 June 2018. Montenegro joined NATO in June last year. As the country does not have its own… Read more »

Thailand and ADF Co-Host Peacekeeping Exercise

07/06/2018PIRAP JABIRU is a biennial exercise Australia has been co-hosting with Thailand since 1998.  As a key regional peacekeeping forum, it provides an environment to come together to enhance our… Read more »