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A Small Ship with a Big Impact: The Aussies Work the Integrated Distributed Force

04/23/2020The Arafura Class Offshore Patrol Vessel is the first of the new build platforms. It provides the template with regard to the entire reset of how the Australians are seeking to build out their integrated distributed force. The contours of the new template are in place and can be identified and this report provides an… Download PDF Now »
Whats New

New NATO Facility to Support Baltic Defense

07/12/2020A new NATO infrastructure facility has just opened its doors at the Tapa Base in Estonia. The hub is able to receive and facilitate the onward movement of NATO forces,… Read more »

VUP-19 and the Coming of Triton to the Fleet

07/05/2020As I have argued earlier, the Triton is bringing a whole new layer to the kill web for fleet operations. Operating at high altitude, the Triton is delivering area wide… Read more »

July 4, 2020: Independence Day 2020

07/04/2020By Robbin Laird On July 2, 1776, the signers of the Declaration of Independence finished their work. The document was approved by Congress on July 4, 1776 and hence that… Read more »

Upgrading the Direct Defense of Europe: Rotating Older Navy Ships Out of Rota for Modern Aegis Destroyers

07/04/2020In our forthcoming book on The Return of Direct to Defense to Europe: Meeting the Challenge 21st Century Authoritarian Challenge, Murielle Delaporte highlighted that with regard to defense policy under… Read more »

France Withdraws from NATO Naval Mission: Turkish Alleged Actions as Cause

07/03/2020By Pierre Tran Paris – France has pulled out of a NATO naval mission in the Mediterranean in protest against a Turkish frigate allegedly switching on targeting radar on a… Read more »

The Challenge of Manning, Training, and Equipping Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Forces for the New Strategic Environment

07/02/2020By Robbin Laird Earlier this year on March 12, 2020, Capt. Matthew Pottenburgh became the 58th Commodore in charge of Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing Eleven. In an article by Lt.… Read more »
In Briefs

MAG 24 Training 07/10/2020Marine Aircraft Group 24 conducts a maximum readiness and integrated training mission, Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe Bay, Marine Corps Base Hawaii, May 19, 2020. Utilizing three separate flying platforms,… Read more »

24th MEU Sustainment Training 07/08/2020Marines assigned to the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) and Sailors assigned to the Bataan Amphibious Ready Group (BATARG) execute various training evolutions May 13, 2020. The Bataan Amphibious Ready… Read more »

Tech Warrior: iSeeYou360 07/06/2020iSeeYou360, a small business has developed a camera system paired to a near eye optic solution that allows the warfighter to watch their own six, remove blind spots, give full… Read more »

3rd Aviation Brigade 07/03/2020Soldiers from 4-3 Assault helicopter Battalion, 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division and 3rd Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment, 3rd CAB, 3rd ID, conducted an air assault on May 6… Read more »

Restoring North Carolina Oyster Beds 07/01/2020A U.S. Fleet Forces Command-sponsored video production highlights the creation of an oyster reef habitat – 880 concrete reef ball structures placed in the Long Shoal Oyster Sanctuary in Pamlico… Read more »

A Virtual Tour of the USS Gerald R. Ford: Episode 5 06/30/2020In this episode of The House of Wolverine, Lt. Cmdr. Christopher Buchanan assigned to USS Gerald R. Ford’s (CVN 78) supply department, talks about how Ford receives, handles and stores… Read more »

3rd Marine Division 06/29/20201st Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment completes a six-month deployment with 3rd Marine Division in Okinawa, Japan, under the Unit Deployment Program from Oct. 2019 to May 2020. 1/25 participated in… Read more »