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By Robbin Laird On 27 September 2023, the second Williams Foundation seminar for the year was held at the National Gallery in Canberra. The first focused on deterrence and the second provided a case study of building blocks for enhanced deterrent capabilities, namely shaping a multi-domain strike enterprise for the ADF and the support structure for so doing. At the outset of the Seminar, Air Marshal (Retired) Geoff Brown, the Williams Foundation Chairman, underscored the…

Distributed Operations and Logistics in the Pacific: How to Shape a Way Ahead for the Fleet

02/23/2023Recently, the PACFLEET Commander, Admiral Paparo, provided the keynote address at the WEST 2023 conference held in San Diego from February 14 through 16 2023. That presentation provides… Read more »

Maritime USVs, UAVs and Reshaping ISR/C2: A Discussion with Lt. General (Retired) Steve Rudder

02/22/2023By Robbin Laird To deal with the challenges in the Pacific, the United States has and will continue to have a significant shortfall in core platforms to implement… Read more »

Sustainment at the Point of Operational Relevance: Aligning the U.S. Navy’s Osprey Sustainment Approach with Operations in the Contested Battlespace

10/24/2022By Robbin Laird In my recent article on the CMV-22B coming to the carrier, I highlighted the importance of ramping up the CMV-22B buy to enable the kinds… Read more »

How to Ramp Up ADF Capabilities in the Near Term? A Perspective from Anduril Australia

10/21/2022By Robbin Laird In his presentation to the Williams Foundation seminar held on September 28, 2022, the head of Force Design in the Australian Department of Defence, MAJGEN… Read more »

Building out Australian Maritime Capabilities: A Priority on a Whole of Nation Approach

10/18/2022By Robbin Laird At the Williams Foundation Seminar held on September 28, 2002, the new Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Mark Hammond, underscored that Australia faced a significant… Read more »

Preparing for Major Change in Australian Defence: The September 2022 Williams Foundation Seminar

10/14/2022On September 28, 2022, the Williams Foundation hosted its latest seminar. The focus was on the challenges which need to be addressed in making the biggest change to… Read more »

Air Marshal Robert Chipman on Shaping a Way Ahead for the RAAF within the Integrated Defence Force

10/05/2022By Robbin Laird Air Marshal Robert Chipman has participated in Williams Seminars for many years. Initially, he appeared as part of the Plan Jericho leadership team, and the… Read more »

The Scene Setting for the Next Phase of ADF Development: The Williams Foundation Seminar, September 2022

10/01/2022By Robbin Laird Research Fellow, The Williams Foundation Sydney, Australia The most recent Williams Foundation Seminar was held in Canberra, Australia on September 28, 2022. The seminar was… Read more »

Shaping a Way Ahead for the ADF: Air Marshal (Retired) Geoff Brown Provides His Perspective

09/30/2022On September 28, 2022, the Sir Richard Williams Foundation held its latest seminar. The title of the seminar was “enhancing the lethality and survivability of the integrated force.”… Read more »