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On 1 December 2021, the Williams Foundation held its second 2021 seminar, this one focused on shaping a way ahead for a sovereign Australian space strategy. That report can be found on the Williams Foundation website as well as on Second Line of Defense and Defense.info. Since 2018, the focus of the seminars has been increasingly with regard to how to extend the reach of the ADF given the changing nature of the challenges facing…

Operations in the Information Environment: The Perspective from MARFORPAC Marines

09/22/2021By Robbin Laird During my August 2021 visit to MARFORPAC, I had a chance to talk with the specialists in information operations within the command. In particular, I… Read more »

Shaping a Way Ahead for Pacific Defense: The Evolving Role of the USAF

09/21/2021By Robbin Laird During my recent visit to Hawaii, I had a chance to talk with Brigadier General Michael Winkler, Director of Strategic Plans, Requirements and Programs at… Read more »

Allies, Partners and Marines in the Indo-Pacific: The Challenge of Building Effective Deterrent Forces

09/19/2021By Robbin Laird In my interview with Lt. General Rudder, the Commander, U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific (COMMARFORPAC), he clearly outlined the way ahead for the Marines in… Read more »

Seam Warfare, Exercises and Deterrence

09/15/2021During my visit to Honolulu to visit PACAF and MARFORCOM in August 2021, I had a chance to discuss how U.S. forces are shaping a way ahead for… Read more »

Three Key Weapons Systems for the Marines in the Pacific: F-35s, Ospreys, and C2 at the Tactical Edge

09/14/2021By Robbin Laird As the Marines rework how they work Pacific defense both with the joint and coalition forces, three key weapon systems enabling the effort are the… Read more »

Advancing the Future Force with Integrated and Realistic Simulation: A Visit with the Leadership of 2d Marine Air Wing’s Training Systems Leadership.

09/12/2021By Robbin Laird During a July 2021 visit to 2d Marine Aircraft Wing (MAW) I talked with LtCol J. Eric Grunke and LtCol Jessica Hawkins. Grunke just relinquished… Read more »

Shaping a Way Ahead for the Marines in the Pacific: A 2021 Overview

09/10/2021When I visited MARFORPAC in 2014, it was the beginning of what the Obama Administration called the “Pivot to the Pacific.” But that really did not happen as… Read more »

Island Marauder 21

09/09/2021By Matt Gonzales MARINE CORPS BASE HAWAII In August, Marine Corps Systems Command led one of the largest command and control user evaluations since the start of the… Read more »

Shaping a Way Ahead for the Marines in Pacific Defense: The Perspective of Lt. General Rudder, Commander, U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific

09/08/2021By Robbin Laird My last visit to Hawaii and meetings with the MARFORPAC commander and his staff was in 2014. In August 2021, I visited again and spent… Read more »