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By Robbin Laird I have attended the International Fighter Conference in the past but missed this year’s offering. This year’s conference was held in Madrid, and I was interested in what was discussed at the conference as I am focused on the way ahead for Western air combat forces in the decade ahead. First, I scanned recently press reports on the conference and really found two news threads. The first involved the Swedes and the…

MAWTS-1 Works Mobile Basing and Support for the Distributed Joint Force

04/26/2023By Robbin Laird Ever since 2018, MAWTS-1 has focused on the high-end fight component of the full spectrum of warfare. Force distribution is a key part of the… Read more »

Force Distribution, Sustainment and Logistical Support: A Major Challenge Facing the ADF

04/17/2023By Robbin Laird To ensure enhanced survivability, the ADF is looking to more effectively distribute over Australian territory. But this makes logistical support for distributed forces a major… Read more »

Shaping a Nuclear Submarine Enterprise in Australia: The Perspective of Vice-Admiral Jonathan Mead

04/13/2023By Robbin Laird In March 2020, I was visiting Western Australia including HMAS Sterling. I was there to visit the HMAS Rankin, one of the Collins class submarines… Read more »

The United Kingdom and Integrated Deterrence: The Perspective of Air Marshal Harvey Smyth

04/12/2023By Robbin Laird At the recent Sir Richard Williams Foundation Seminar held on 30 March 2023, Air Marshal Harvey Smyth, the Deputy Commander Operations, presented a UK perspective… Read more »

Australia, Deterrence and Shaping a Way Ahead for Australian Defence: The Perspective of LTGEN Simon Stuart

04/08/2023With the Australian Army having been heavily invested in the Middle East land wars and working closely with the U.S. Army in those endeavours, what is role in… Read more »

Agile Combat Employment

04/07/2023Description of the concept of Agile Combat Employment using a simulated scenario with illustrative phases. 12.15.2022 Video by James Self Air University Public Affairs Read more »

Integrated Deterrence and the China Challenge: The Perspective of General Wilsbach, the PACAF Commander

04/06/2023By Robbin Laird At the 30 March 2023 Williams Foundation seminar which focused on the way ahead for deterrence, one of the most significant of the presentations was… Read more »

Triton’s Role in Australian Defense and Deterrence

04/06/2023By Robbin Laird I have followed the progress of Triton in the coming of the 21st century U.S. Navy kill web enterprise for some time. The first interview… Read more »

The CH-53K and USMC Transformation: Preparing for Entry into Service

04/05/2023By Robbin Laird Recently I visited NAVAIR at Pax River Naval Air Station and met with the H-53 Heavy Lift Helicopters Program Manager (PMA-261), Colonel Kate Fleeger, U.S.… Read more »