2020: A Pivotal Year? Navigating Strategic Change at a Time of COVID-19 Disruption


We have just published our latest book which is entitled, 2020: A Pivotal Year? Navigating Strategic Change at a Time of COVID-19 Disruption.

This is the fourth book in our Second Line of Defense Strategic Book Series.

“2020: A Pivotal Year?” addresses the impacts of the COVID-19 disruption on global politics and provides assessments of the ripple effects felt throughout Europe and Asia.

We are looking at the significant changes we see in building out post-pandemic societies and how the conflict between 21st century authoritarian states with the liberal democracies is reshaped.

Authors based in Europe, the United States, and Australia have all contributed to this timely and unique assessment.

The first section of the book provides a unique look at the impact of COVID-19 on the Western societies, with Professor Kenneth Maxwell focus on the United Kingdom and Pierre Tran on France.

We continue our discussion by looking at a wide range of geopolitical dynamics, and more specifically on Europe and Australia.

We have brought together a number of our essays on historical developments of interest, spearheaded by the outstanding work of Professor Kenneth Maxwell.

We conclude by taking a look forward into 2021.

As one reviewer commented on the book:

Robbin F. Laird’s 2020: A Pivotal Year? Navigating Strategic Change at a Time of COVID-19 Disruption is a collection of essays and articles by numerous authors. As the world was unexpectedly and suddenly disrupted by COVID-19, which started in 2019 and became more severe in 2020, the world is in serious need of deep, rational, and objective analyses on the impact of COVID-19. The essays and articles included give such analyses. This is why 2020: A Pivotal Year? is such a valuable book at this point in time.

Edited by Robbin F. Laird, there are six chapters in 2020: A Pivotal Year? In each chapter, there are essays and articles covering a range of topics. I particularly liked the essay “The War Against Coronavirus or Is It?” by Pierre Tran, which is in Chapter 1, “Navigating the Covid-19 World”. Indeed, as we are trying to get the virus under control, should we use a strategy as if we are fighting in a war. The essay “Is a War with China Inevitable?” by Paul Dibb in Chapter 2, “Global Strategic Dynamics,” offers potent reading as the consequence is truly global. I found the essay “2020 a Pivotal Year?” by Robbin Laird in Chapter 6, “In Lieu of a Conclusion,” deeply insightful. It states: “The negative fruits of globalization were clearly demonstrated in 2020… after decades of relatively prosperity aided by a certain kind of globalization, that period of history is clearly over.”

 Yes, the post- COVID-19 world will be different. What will it be like? Laird’s 2020: A Pivotal Year? points out the factors that will shape the post-COVID-19 world – a highly recommended read!

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