Nato Response Force Exercise, 2014

01/30/2014: Various Land Sea, and Air exercises as part of NATO multi-national training exercise in early 2014. For NRF 2014 rotation NATO's Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) gives his specific guidance to JFC Brunssum to train, prepare and certify the Immediate Response Force (IRF) and the elements designated in the Response…

President of Azerbaijan Visits NATO: A Video Record

01/17/2014: The President of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Heydar oglu Aliyev visited NATO Headquarters. He met with the NATO Secretary General, Mr. Anders Fogh Rasmussen and addressed the North Atlantic Council. Also available in high definition Baku, Azerbaijan, Jan. 15 By Saeed Isayev - Trend: During the 20 years of membership…

Successful MEADS System Test

11/08/2013: The MEADS missile defense system developed by the United States, Italy and Germany intercepted and destroyed two targets simultaneously in a final test. The system provides unique 360 degree capabilities for protection of mobile forces as well as fixed sites.  Credit: White Sands Missile Range Public Affairs:11/6/13  Lockheed, which…

Italian Aircraft Carrier Cavour (2)

10/21/2013: In Brilliant Mariner 13, some 5,000 representatives from 14 nations trained together. The video features rare aerial shots of a fleet of 23 NATO warships and Harrier jets taking off from the Italian aircraft carrier ITS Cavour. We have broken the video up into five segments highlighting various aspects…

The NATO Command Structure In Transition

04/15/2013: During the Lisbon Summit in 2010, Alliance leaders agreed they wanted a leaner NATO Command Structure that is more affordable and more deployable on operations. The new structure represents a significant reduction in the number of military headquarters and a manpower savings of about 30 percent.  Credit:NATO Channel:1/31/13