GATR: Cubic’s Solution for Deployable Communications:

The GATR system provides a very flexible, mobile, deployable solution to ensure for reliable communications on the fly which can be used to support military insertion forces or to provide for connectivity when natural disasters have brought down normal operating systems. GATR comes in two basic configurations. The first provides…

The Roll Out of the F-35 Global Fleet

2017-07-13 The F-35 is becoming a globally operational aircraft. And it is clear that both US and allied forces are rethinking their approaches to air combat with the impact of the F-35 in mind. In this video, an update on the worldwide fleet of F-35s is provided.

An Overview of the F-35 as a Game Changer

The F-35 is built on a foundation of 21st century technology. The F-35’s onboard computer, microchips and software are among its most critical components. This video produced by Lockheed Martin provides an overview on the airplane as a "flying combat system." Overview on F-35 as Game Changer from on…

The Visual Device Emulator and Shaping Logistics Solutions

Modeling real world environments and developing solutions without investing in a costly and potentially redundant hardware infrastructure is critical to today’s deployments of RFID devices, notification devices, state change devices, and sensor interfaces. A visual device emulator provides the user with a tool that can be used to develop and…

The F-35: Creating a 21st Century Fighter

Advanced stealth – built in from the beginning – is a defining characteristic for 5th Generation combat aircraft. It is not however the only one. The F-35 provides a glimpse of the 5th Generation fundamentals in action. From the ground up, the F-35 was built to be an integrated fighter…

F-35 and Current Weapons

The F-35 is designed to work with most legacy weapons. And the F-35 with the internal fusion engine will allow a whole new approach to the development and use of weapons, which is discussed in an accompanying white paper. [slidepress gallery='the-f-35-and-current-weapons'] Slide 1 Legacy 4th generation fighters must load all…

The F-35 Combat Systems Fusion “Engine”

The enemy is no longer working against a single sensor; he’s working against an advanced fusion engine and against the multiple F-35s on the network that are each sharing fused sensor data. This advanced network enabled capability makes the F-35 a tremendous force multiplier. Like never before, individual aircraft can…