The USMC Leverages AN/PRC-117B Tactical Radio


Recently, the team working the digital interoperability initiative for the USMC highlighted how they were leveraging the AN/PRC-117B radio to pipe through Link 16 data to the force.,

“The digital interoperability team highlighted that in their view C2 was a weapon system and needed to be regarded as such. And they say the DI efforts as augmenting Marines perception of the importance of C2 and its role within the evolution of the force.

The team highlighted a core example of how the approach was reshaping capabilities.

“We have approximately 10,000 AN/PRC-117G radios in the inventory. This is a man-portable, tactical software-defined combat-net radio. It does advanced networking wave form, ANW2.

“To date if you wanted to give the Ground Combat Element (GCE) access to Link 16 data, they would have to be given Link-16 terminals. With the ANW2 connectivity on Marine Corps Aviation we can now provide access to Link-16 data to the GCE.  By having access to a MAGTAB and a ANW2 enabled radio. We can provide the GCE with the Link 16 picture, with the information that they need.”

According to L3Harris, the AN/PRC-117B “delivers breakthrough wideband data speed and legacy narrowband performance in a form factor 30% smaller and 35% lighter than any other currently in field. The manpack is also the industry’s first and only tactical radio with NINE Suite B encryption. This frees sovereign nations to securely interoperate with U.S., NATO and regional tactical partners and eliminates the time and cost of maintaining two separate radio systems.”

MUOS-ready with Narrowband SATCOM Networking

The L3Harris Multiband Networking Manpack Radio is software defined, supporting in-field upgrades as new capabilities emerge. Equipped with MUOS-ready hardware, the 117G extends communications Beyond-Line-Of-Sight (BLOS) with abilities for simultaneous SATCOM voice and data transmission.

When paired with L3Harris RF-7800B Broadband Global Area Network terminals, the manpack delivers automatic range extension of SATCOM BLOS communications along with Internet and remote private network access.

Advanced multiband network performance

Situational awareness is enhanced by an embedded SAASM GPS receiver. Voice and data are secure up to TOP SECRET through the Sierra™ II encryption module, which also supports all JTRS COMSEC and TRANSEC requirements.

Key benefits

  • Expands mission effectiveness with wideband, SATCOM and legacy narrowband
  • 30% smaller and 35% lighter than any similar manpack currently in field
  • Industry’s only radio with NINE Suite B encryption
  • Future-proof with SCA v2.2.2 compliance (no waivers)
  • MUOS-ready hardware
  • L3Harris Sierra II encryption for secure voice and data up to TOP SECRET