E.T.I. Team


The Equipment for Technological Intervention Team (E.T.I. Team)

Function :

This Equipment makes it possible a Technological Intervention Team (T.I. Team) CBRN incident. The detachment is armed with specific materials making it possible to ensure the following functions :

  • To delimit the zone of intervention.
  • To carry out surveys and to collect information on the contamination.
  • To treat victims of contamination and immediate populations.
  • To detect and locate the source of the contamination.
  • To evaluate the risks and to reduce them.
  • To limit the spread of contamination (resolution of the accident).
  • To anticipate the evolution of the disaster.
  • To make safe the transfers and recoveries of radiological elements or products.
  • To support the other operating teams.
  • To take part in the protection of field operatives.
  • To carry out the systematic decontamination of the operatives and the materials (conservative measures).
  • Reconditioning of the “T.I. Team” equipment and personal…

Benefits :

The “T.I. Team” is made up by teams of people qualified in the radiological and chemical They bring an invaluable contribution to the rescue teams involved in the resolution of chemical and radiological incidents. This is thanks to its specialized equipment and constant training of the personnel which man it. The training personnel of BiolabH2O can train teams to the standards according to CBRN reference framework.

Composition :

The specialized equipment available to the Technological Intervention Team (T.I. Team) and the make-up is broken down as follows:

  • Two teams of 5 people called Elements of Intervention Technological (E.L.I.T.), autonomous, complementary and general-purpose for radiological and chemical risks.
  • A team of 2 people called element “analyzes” reinforcing the 2 E.L.I.T.
  • A chief of the E.T.I. Team

The E.T.I. Team represents a weight of approximately 4tons and a volume of 22 m3 The equipment provided varies according to the size of the “E.T.I. Team.”