Handheld Search and Identification


Feature Highlights

Gamma and Neutron independent channels

Very high sensitivity and fast response

Automated spectra acquisition on alert and identification (NMD algorithm)

Clear discrimination of risk category

No internal stabilization required


HDS-100G/GN are standard devices designed to search for radioactive materials and to respond to radiological threats such as illicit trafficking and RDDs.

They are able to identify radionuclides and classify them as medical, industrial, natural occuring radioactive materials (NORM) and special nuclear materials (SNM). They can be used to detect, localize and characterise threats during surveys or to complement with detection portal.

The HDS-100G/GN are ideally suited for First Responders, Border & Customs inspectors, Site Security in critical infrastructures, and for all applications related to the control of radioactive and nuclear materials.