Metrological and Environmental Observation Pod (MEOP)


Function :

This Pod is developed to provide an early detection and warning system for environmental contamination be it natural or by human intervention. By deploying these early warning pods in areas that are high or potential risk to CBRN contamination and more particularly biological, the effects of the contamination can be mitigated by prompt action. These pods would be seen as the first line of defence.

Benefits :

These pods are entirely autonomous, and can be made unobtrusive so can be used in particularly sensitive situations. They can also be transportable and are suitable to act as early warning systems for events as well as for fixed locations. Typical event situations would be the G8 conference or Olympic Games and fixed could be Petro-Chemical Plants, country borders or Governmental buildings.


The MEOP is a device to provide an early warning system for potential “CBRN” contamination, it does this by monitoring the environment covering an extensive range of criteria. It needs to be installed on the site that is considered to be a potential target.

The MEOP is made up of the following components:

  • A network of beacons to detect radioactivity;
  • Meteorological station;
  • Bio-collector;
  • Detection sensors for chemical contamination;
  • Global Positioning unit GPS…

For a complete operational usage the MEOP must be connected to:

  • A laboratory, permanent or mobile (like the BEBL or R2IC) to identify the biological, chemical or radiological agents, in real time;
  • Co-ordination headquarters with Data connectivity (like the R2IC.HQ & BEBL which are a Co-ordination headquarters and Laboratory combined) Protection of the people in term of CBRN risk;
  • Decontamination Hospital Units (like the BEDM & the ECH) for treatment of the victims…