The Bi-Expandable Biological Laboratory (BEBL)


Function :

The BEBL module is the first mobile structure in the CBRN field to include a high safety laboratory for the rapid diagnosis of pathogenic agents, including class A by the C.D.C.’s classification.

Benefits :

The 20 foot Expandable container offers, once unfolded, a surface of more than 30 m ² thus increasing working area. Its implementation is rapid (less than 20 minutes), even under a CBRN threat. The Negative pressure and the air renewal systems use H14 types & HEPA filters to ensure the neutralization of the various types of effluents and toxins. They allow for a high level of containment to insure maximum protection for the operatives or, research personnel and for the environment. The deployment of this equipment allows the collection and the identification in less than 2 hours of indexed and classified pathogenic A, B, C germs and in 72 hours for unknown germs. An autonomous auxiliary logistics module provides the energy, the water, the filtered air and the air conditioning…

Composition :

The module is composed of three independent structures, two of which are dedicated to the laboratory. It includes equipment for the rapid identification of CBR threats (chemical, biological, radiological). It can be used either in the diagnosis of agents responsible for natural diseases (e.g.: V. cholera, N. meningitidis) or for the diagnosis of agents used in biological warfare.

Principal equipment and functions of the module:

  • Air treatment system with H14 & HEPA filters;
  • Double door entrance/exit door and Double entry airlock for samples entrance;
  • An ADF (Flame-proof) robot can transport the contaminated samples., for identification or disposal.
  • Gloves box or half diving-suit and Microbiological “type II” security post
  • GC/MS & Infra-red mass spectrometer;
  • Hood of extraction and filters;
  • Automatic DNA/RNA Extractor. Real time PCR and RT-PCR Equipments (“Polymerase Chain Reaction”, technique allowing to select and multiply a gene or a precise fraction of DNA);
  • Sterigerms® DASRI Certified, for waste neutralization;
  • System of thermal and chemical reprocessing of the effluents;
  • Access controlled by personalized magnetic badge, outside & inside video surveillance;
  • Workstation (Satellite transmission resources, Weather forecast station, Robotics control console)

The logistics module is composed as follows:

  • Positive & Negative pressurization device and the air renewal system for the various compartments of the LBBD
  • Power supply, air conditioning and water storage system