The Bi-Expandable Decontamination Module



Function :

The BEDM is dedicated to safe mass decontamination of mobile (80 to 120hour) or incapacitated contaminated individuals (9 to 21/hour), depending the confiuration chosen and when in optimum use.

Benefits :

Its solid structure (20 ft air transportable expandable container) can be entirely decontaminated & easily installed in remote and inhospitable areas. They are built to withstand stress, severe weather conditions and are hermetic to isolates people from outside contaminants.
The BEDM is the only unit in the world to have positive and negative pressure rooms to avoid the risk of the spread of infections.
They can be deployed in a contaminated area without endangering the health of the personnel and the resident populations.
The BEDM combined with a logistics unit can be self sustaining with integrated power unit, water and air treatment and waste management, to guarantee the safety of the operatives and environmental protection.
The BEDM can be perfectly integrated in “Civil Protection” safety plans, like French POI (Internal Plans of Operation) and PPI (Particular Plans of Intervention) of classified and indexed sites. The structure is deployed in less than 15 minutes by 2 operators.

Composition :

Contains three to six treatment zones (for mobile or incapacitated victims) with multipoint automatic showers and allows for continuous running of the decontamination process.
The BEDM can be coupled to an independent structure containing an autoclave allowing sterilization and an incinerator for the destruction of contaminated clothing and consumables. The BEDM can also be made in an armoured version for the armed forces.

Main equipment and functions of the module:

  • Clothes cutting up zone / Positive pressure;
  • Decontamination area / Positive pressure incapacitated & mobile individuals
  • Shower units / Negative pressure;
  • Rinsing units / Negative pressure;
  • Dressing and control zone / Positive pressure;
  • Chemical, thermal & biological waste treatment system..

The logistics module is composed as follows:

  • Positive & Negative pressurization device and the air renewal system;
  • Power supply and water storage system;
  • System of thermal and chemical reprocessing of the effluents.