The Expandable Countryside Hospital



Function :

The Expandable Countryside Hospital (ECH) shares the modular design framework and flexibility all the BiolabH2O solutions. It is transportable by air and can provide for any medical needs in the field. It is not only suitable for emergency situations such as conflict zones or natural disasters but as a part of a preventative framework for planned events e.g.: international sports events, political summits, concerts, festivals, conferences.

Benefits :

The Expandable Countryside Hospital (ECH) makes it possible to have effective medical support anywhere. The nature of the event can be within a civil or military framework. It can also be used as a short or medium term hospital infrastructure.

Composition :

The modularity of this solution allows, upon request, the customisation and specialisation of this medical structure (care rooms, operating theatres, recovery rooms, x-ray, radiology rooms, scanners…) by integrating suitable materials. On request, the Expandable Countryside Hospital can be equipped with a hermetically-sealed area “autoclave” module with dry heat for sterilization and with an incinerator for the hospital biological and medical waste disposal.