The Rapid Identification and Intervention Cells


R2IC and R2IC.HQ


The Rapid Intervention and Identification Cell is a integrated mobile unit built in a tailor made vehicle. These cells make it possible for a quick intervention by rapid deployment into zones contaminated by a CBRN.

Equipped with specialised apparatus, these cells make it possible to carry out sampling in the field for either analysis on board or to be transported to a lab with the minimum delay. They make it possible to get an early prognosis to make a more effective course of disaster management possible.
The Negative pressure and the air renewal systems use H14 types & HEPA filters to ensure the neutralization of the various types of effluents and toxins. They allow for a high level of containment to insure maximum protection for the operatives or, research personnel and for the environment.
The deployment of these cells enables the collection and the identification in less than 2 hours of indexed and classified pathogenic A, B, C germs and in 72 hours for unknown germs. The cell is a completely self-sufficient unit (power, air filtration and conditioning, waste management.

The cell is manufactured in two versions. The first version is a laboratory (C2I) and a second version laboratory coupled to a co-ordination headquarters (C2I.PC). The two versions include specialised equipment for the rapid identification of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) threats.

All the components are C.O.T.S., the latest technologies offering greater reliability and accuracy of results, these include: Giga counters, mass spectrometry and infra-red, PCR (Polymérase Chain Réaction), coupled with the immunological methods for the analysis of the pathogenic germs of class A.

Main equipment and functions of the module

  • Air treatment system with H14 & HEPA filters;
  • Decontamination sas and security shower;
  • Biological safety cabinet class II for the manipulation of infected materials & chemicals (liquid and gas) storage;
  • Double entry airlock for the reception of the samples;
  • GS/MS spectrometer, extraction hood and filter;
  • Sterigerms® safe waste disinfection, DASRI certified
  • Automatic DNA/RNA Extractor. Real time PCR and RT-PCR Equipment (“Polymerase Chain Reaction”, technique allowing to select and multiply a gene or a precise fraction of DNA);
  • Double door including decontamination shower;
  • Workstation (satellite transmission, meteorology, robotics monitoring);
  • Access controlled by personalized magnetic badges, outside and inside video surveillance;
  • An ADF-ATEX robot can ensure the contaminated or suspect taking away;
  • High security suit and independent glove box;