The Water Storage & Conditioning Module



Function :

This module is intended for storage, cooling and conditioning of the drinking water produced, for its distribution and its consumption.

Benefits :

Conditioning constitutes the last link in the chain and must also meet the requirements of the rules of hygiene and regulations.
The MSCE process of conditioning was developed on European and International directives: in compliance with the rules of hygiene and safety concerning products intended for human consumption.
The conditioning units are easy to implement and require little maintenance. The containers used (sachets, bottles) are practical and recyclable.

Composition :

The “bag-filling machine” uses sachets which guarantee the integrity of the treated and stored water.

Main equipment and functions of the module:

  • 2 m3 drinking water storage buffer tank (500 gallons) ;
  • Water transfer pump;
  • Bagging or bottling machine;
  • Bags distribution rack;
  • 3 m3 storage refrigerator