The Water Treatment Modules


WTM and WTM.Lab

These modules, WTM & WTM.lab, are dedicated to the production of drinking water in the middle of a field of operation, in remote and inhospitable areas and under difficult climatic conditions.

Benefits :

Combining various techniques, the systems ensures purification of any raw water unsuitable for consumption, e.g.: soft, brackish or saline water, with or without biological or chemical contamination, even by a bio-warfare agent.
The modules are equipped with a radiological detection system. They have an innovative system of self cleaning and membrane disinfection. Usable by all first-aid teams or armed forces, these modules provide an immediate solution for drinking water supply. The water treatment module is able to produce 200 m3 (50.000 gallons) per day of drinking water in all disasters conditions, anywhere, in any situation: day to day, emergency, refugee camps or even war. The capacity of production of one module, equipped only with ultra-filtration apparatus, can reach 1200 m3 (300.000 gallons) per hour.

Composition :

WTM is a complete self-contained unit, coming with a logistics module (10 ft container) supplying power, air conditioning & water cooling system. The WTM autonomous analysis laboratory version (WTM.Lab), allows to measure water quality according to more than 80 parameters in 3 minutes. WTM can be combined with a conditioning and refrigerating storage unit (WSCM).

Main equipment and functions of the module:

  • Multiple membrane filtration levels: filtration, ultra filtration (surface water treatment), reverse osmosis (sea water desalinisation) double level reverse osmosis (biological or chemical contaminated water, even by a bio-warfare agent.) ;
  • Self cleaning device for membrane disinfection
  • Laboratory (WTM.Lab), or additional power generator or water storage tank zone (WTM);
  • Standard analysis laboratory equipment (ICP/MS; DRELL 2500; Refrigerator; Incubator; Hydrocarbon analyzer; DCO/DBO apparatus…)