Adversity and strategy: two sides of the same concept


The goals the decision makers set themselves require building a strategy that takes account of the conditions for exercising their activities. When these conditions are contrary we talk about adversity. But would there need strategy if there was no adversity? Operational activities are never guided by the struggle against adversity, even in emergency services, close protection services, or in combat, they are guided by the achievement of a goal, and only the strategist is concerned with the overall protection of the activity, giving mission to protection services to protect. The strategist is therefore crucially facing adversity opposing to his objectives…


Rear Admiral Lionel John Jarvis, Assistance Chief of Defence Staff (Health), Surgeon General of the Royal Navy and Chief Naval Medical Officer speaking with Captain Jan-Cedric Hansen, DCSSA doctor and MEDCO director of strategies, Eurosatory 2010



StratAdviser, as a specialist of the management of the strategic know-how applied to open situations, intervenes, throughout its entities MEDCO and DI2M, in all stages of the work against adversity

– Identification and characterization of operational situations against targets

– Topology of the dangers in which those being threats, especially outside the usual dangers of the activity

–  Anticipations preparation

. Proactive communication

.  Training to the unexpected

. Resilience

– Readiness care throughout change follow up

–  Assistance in case of unexpected situation, of serious situation, of crisis:

. Communication

. Teams stiffening

. Exceptional processes

. Support for people

. Guidance to strategist  to come back as soon as possible to a controlled situation





MEDCO and DI2M intervene in all dimensions of strategy

– Image and communication

–  Market

–  Laws (Judicial and legal aspects)

–  Technologies and technical aspects

–  Societal and social aspects

–  Veterinary and medical aspects

– etc …