Off Probation and Into the USMC Inventory: F-35Bs at Eglin


01/21/2012: F-35B Turns a Page

BF-6, BF-7 and BF-8 are now at Eglin AFB and are USMC owned aircraft.

As Col. Tomassetti, Deputy 33rd Wing Commander has underscored:

Now we can stop talking about what we can do and start showing what we can do.  We move out of the planning phase and in to the execution phase.  We get to demonstrate that we have taken full advantage of the time we have had to prepare by safely and efficiently getting ourselves to the a Ready for Training declaration.

Our maintainers, both the Lockheed maintainers who are with us in the beginning and the Marine maintainers who will learn from them as we go, basically get to start this morning step one of a long list of things to get through, but they get to start step one because the airplanes are here now, and that gives them purpose. That gives them direction. That gives them motivation. You name all the buzz words you want, but now they get to show why they were selected to come here and what they can do now that they have their opportunity.