A400M Progresses on Path to IOC

06/21/2012: Airbus Military has successfully demonstrated the loading of NH Industries NH90 and Eurocopter EC725 helicopters onto the A400M new generation airlifter.
In a series of tests at Holzdorf air base in Germany and at Toulouse, France respectively, the NH90 and EC725 were loaded onto, and unloaded from, the Grizzly 4 development aircraft as required for military Initial Operating Capability (IOC).
The tests were the first demonstrations of the A400M´s cargo-carrying capability using a real aircraft, and represent the most challenging loads in terms of their dimensions required for IOC.
They will be followed by further exercises showing the aircraft´s ability to carry a wide range of military equipment as required by the launch nations.
The first photo shows the EC725 on board the A400M and the second shows the loading of the NH-90.

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Press release and photos credited to Airbus Military, June 18, 2012.