A Visit to Seville : The 400M and Casa AC Updates

09/30/2012: A Visit to Seville : A Visual Update on the 400M and Casa AC
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Credit Photos: Airbus Military

  • In the first two pictures, A400Ms in the final leg of their journey in Seville are pictured.  Three of the aircraft to be delivered next year where in the facility: 2 for France and 1 for Turkey.  The engines have been removed from the planes and set to the manufacturer who is making repairs associated with the gear box.  The engines will return and be mated with the planes, which will have undergone some modifications with the newly mated engines.
  • The remaining photos are of the light and medium assembly line.  During the date of the visit (September 28, 2012), there were planes being built for Vietnam, France, Kazakhstan and Egypt.  The Vietnamese planes were being final assembled from major sections provided by Indonesia.  Indonesia is a key partner of Airbus Military and a legacy partner of CASA.