The Christening of the USNS Montford Point

03/04/2013: The latest of the USN ships, the USNS Montford Point, was christened on March 2, 2013 in San Diego at the NASSCO shipyard. 

Second Line of Defense attended the ceremony and did interviews before the ceremony to discuss the ship,. 

We interviewed Jim Strock from the USMC Combat Development Command concerning how the USN-USMC will use the ship. 

We then interviewed Rear Admiral Buzby about the role, which MSC envisaged for the ship, and how the ship contributed to the evolution of seabasing. 

Finally, we interviewed the CEO of NASSCO, Fred Harris, about the approach to building the ship and the role of partners in building the vessel to be on time and below cost.

[slidepress gallery=’the-christening-of-the-usns-montford-point’]
Credit: SLD 2013
  •  The first 4 photos show the USNS Montford Point seen the day before the ceremony from a ship in the harbor.
  • The fifth and sixth photos show the ship on the day of the christening.
  • The seventh and eighth photos show the Commandant of the USMC honoring the Montford Point Marines.
  • The 9th photo shows a guide to the location of the ship.
  • The 10th photo shows Fred Harris, the CEO of NASSCO, addressing the audience during the christening.
  • The 11th photo shows Rear Admiral Lewis who is Vice Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command, discussing ship modularity and its impact.
  • In the 12th photo, Rear Admiral Buzby, head of the Military Sealift Command, discusses the role of the ship in the fleet.
  • In the 13th and 14th photos, some of the more than 30 Montford Point Marines in attendance are enjoying the end of the festivities.