USS Arlington in Bold Alligator 2013


05/14/2013: The USS Arlington was dockside in Norfolk where it participated in the Bold Alligator 2013 exercise. 

It was a synthetic exercise so it was one of several ships which participated in this manner.

This slideshow was shot on May 1, 2013 during a series of interviews with participants in the exercise.

[slidepress gallery=’uss-arlington-in-bold-alligator-2013′]

Credit Photos: Second Line of Defense

  • The first photo shows the memorial plaque aboard the ship.
  • The second photo shows three of the persons interviewed, the executive officer, the cargo officer and the fuel officer, aboard the ship.
  • The third photo shows the cargo bay where the LCACs would operate.
  • The fourth photo shows the flight deck.
  • The fifth and sixth photos show the consolidated radar tower.
  • The final two photos show signs donated by Arlington County to be onboard the ship.