Air Mobility in the Mali Operation


06/09/2013: Lift and tanking in support of air mobile operations has been a key element of the Mali operation. 

In this slideshow, various shots taken by Murielle Delaporte during her time in Mali in April 2013, illustrate the variety of assets relied upon, including those which brought supplies close to the point of attack.

The venerable C-160 played a key role, with the third photo showing a Canadian C-17 along with a French tanker and also the AN-124 delivering supplies at night in the fourth and last photos. 

[slidepress gallery=’air-mobility-in-the-mali-operation’]

The first photo was taken at Gao’s airbase and features the loading of a French C160 with an Army Aviation helo in the background ; the other photos were taken in Bamako and feature mostly C160s, one Canadian C17, one French C135 tanker and one An-124 (photos 4 and 10), Mali, April 2013

Credit: Murielle Delaporte:SLD 2013