Exercise Dawn Blitz 2013 II


06/05/2013: Exercise Dawn Blitz 2013 II.

The Japanese and Australians among others understand that the future of their Armies is shaping more expeditionary capabilities and to operate as a maneuver force.

They will operate not as a “raiding force,” but a maneuver force from the sea and supported from the air.

The current Dawn Blitz exercise is clearly highlighting this trend as did the recently completed Bold Alligator 2013 exercise.

Credit:11th Marine Expeditionary Unit:5/31/13

Camp Pendleton Calif. — Memebers of the Japanese Self Defense Force offload personnel and behicles from the Japanese ship Huyga here May 31.

Dawn Blitz 2013 is a multinational amphibious exercise designated to test Navy and Marine Corps forces at the Marine Expeditionary Brigade (MEB) and Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG) level, while promoting military-military cooperation and interoperability with partnered nations.

Participating countries include Canada, Japan, New Zealand and military observers from seven countries.