F-16 tests Arresting Cable at Denver Int’l Airport


03/27/2014: Colorado Air National Guard F-16 D lands at Denver International Airport (DIA) in preparation for temporary operations while Buckley AFB receives runway improvements.

The preliminary testing of a temporary aircraft-arresting device, which is similar to an arresting cable on an aircraft carrier, is an operational requirement prior to the transfer of flight operations to DIA.

The test was successful. 0:05-4:17 F16 flyby, landing, taxi, arresting cable test, ground crews assess success of test. SB1 4:17 Pilot LtCol James Reeman, 120th Fighter Squadron, COANG

He comments that fighter operations at DIA this summer may provide an interesting view for airline passengers, but there should be no interruption to airline traffic. 

 Credit:Colorado National Guard:3/21/14