The CRG Sets Up in Baltic Exercise


06/27/2014: If you need a rapid runway set up or runway repair, the USAF calls on its unique Crisis Response Group capability.

In this video, the 435th CRG is seen landing in Latvia and participating in the Saber Strike 2014 exercise.

Credit:86th Airlift Wing:6/6/14

According to the Lithuanian Armed Forces website:

Exercise Saber Strike is an annual multinational exercise organized by the U. S. Army in Europe, (USAREUR) and hosted by the three Baltic States. Saber Strike 2014 is the fourth iteration of the exercise.

Expanding each year, Exercise Saber Strike encompasses a growing number of NATO and partner states. This year the exercise is training a record number of approximately 4.5 thousand participants from 10 NATO and partner nations – Canada, Denmark, Estonia, the U.S.A., the UK, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland and Finland. Several hundreds of the exercise training audience is training in Estonia, around 2 thousand in Latvia and approximately 2.3 thousand – in Lithuania.

This year Exercise Saber Strike 2014 includes brigade-level command post exercise and tactical field exercise conducted concurrently on June 9 through 20. The exercise is training interoperability in combined NATO units, coordination of actions, and readiness to execute defensive and offensive operations.