The Afghan Trucking System Feeds the Grid


09/12/2014: To operate ground forces in Afghanistan, a very large logistics structure has been put in place over time.

Various forms of transport, ground, air and sea provide inputs. 

The Afghan trucking system linked with external routes into Afghanistan is an important part of the grid.

Credit Video: American Forces Network Afghanistan:9/10/14

For example, look at the following highlights by one provided of trucking services in the Afghan operations, Vanquish Worldwide:

Vanquish Worldwide provides a secure, timely and reliable means of distributing reconstruction material, security equipment, fuel, miscellaneous dry cargo, and life support assets throughout the Combined/Joint Operations Area-Afghanistan (CJOA-A) to and from Forward Operating Bases and Distribution Sites. Since September of 2011, Vanquish has been assigned over 12,500 missions on the NAT contract.

To date we have distributed more than 6.8 million liters of fuel in support of this contract utilizing our fleet of 5,000 and 10,000 gallon fuel tankers. In addition, Vanquish Worldwide has delivered over 20,000 tons of dry goods and 15,000 tons of heavy equipment across Afghanistan managing and maintaining a fleet of over 1260 trucks.

We provide all services, including but not limited to, personnel, materials, supervision, and other items necessary to perform NAT requirements. Services include the secure ground transportation of Class I, II, III, IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X and multi-class cargo throughout Afghanistan. We provide shipping containers as well as all management and logistics support resources necessary to pick up material and equipment at origin and deliver to destination on the dates required by the United States Government (USG).

We ensure the integrity and safety of materials and equipment being transported and provide armed security escorts for all missions, unless otherwise specified by the USG. Vanquish Worldwide has zero “No Go” areas within the CJOA-A; our clients trust us to transport their valuable assets and materials to specified locations in the most dangerous areas in country.

Our convoy management services are integrated into the Afghanistan movement control system using Global Database Management System (GDMS)/Tapestry to achieve theatre-wide ground movement visibility across Afghanistan and maintain In-Transit Visibility (ITV) at all times. Vanquish provides 24/7 continuous convoy management at our Tactical Operations Center which includes 100% asset tracking of trucks, containers, reefers, and fuel from start to finish.

Vanquish Worldwide provides certified full-time mechanics, parts, tools and equipment required to perform scheduled preventative and unscheduled maintenance and repairs on our vehicle fleet. Our trained mechanics are able to recover down vehicles, evaluate and perform necessary repairs either en route, or at one of our maintenance facilities throughout Afghanistan. In addition, our personnel provide facility system and generator support at our Afghan villa, which contains our Tactical Operations Center, office space and living quarters.

We are solely responsible for ensuring all equipment and satellite connections are in full working order to track trucking assets, communicate with drivers, and maintain established remote service locations with dedicated IT support for very small aperture terminal (VSAT), voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), and GDMS.

To ensure our success, Vanquish Worldwide brings all of our management, logistics and transportation skills that we have gained from executing previous Host Nation Trucking (HNT) and Ministry of Interior (MOI) transportation contracts to the complex contract of NAT. As a prime contractor on NAT, Vanquish manages all aspects of project coordination and management, contract compliance, procedures, manpower, logistics, and administrative actions.