F-18 Take Off at Fallon


10/24/2014: Part of the Second Line of Defense team visited Fallon Naval Air Station in Nevada in October 2014.

We had a chance to talk with the commanding Admiral and several of his key staff to gain an understanding of what this important training facility provides for the fleet and the nation.

We will publish several interviews in the coming weeks, but for now here is a video of an F-18 taking off which was shot from the tower on the afternoon of October 21, 2014.

The video is  credited to Second Line of Defense.

The mission of the Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center is identified in the command brief as follows:

Train Naval Air Forces on advanced tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) across all combat missions at the individual, unit, and integrated air wing levels; develop, validate, standardize, and publish combat TTPs for Naval Aviation; support naval components and Combatant Commanders with aviation subject matter expertise; and make recommendations on aviation warfare requirements.

One of the important aspects of the Naval Air Station is the ability to operate on a full range of training ranges which include the following:

  • Full spectrum training
  • Representative threats
    • Ground based IADS
    • 4th Gen Adversaries
    • Theatre replication
  • Fleet capabilities
    • Links, comms, networks
    • Joint certified
  • Realistic training
    • 10,000+ sq mi airspace
    • Supersonic area
    • Live ordnance targets
    • “Combat Towns”
  • Fully instrumented
  • Electronic Warfare
    • Full spectrum of EA