Joint Training at Fallon Naval Air Station: F-16s Arrive for Duty


11/14/2014: As we learned during our visit to the Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center, air wing integration training includes working with the joint forces.

As the Admiral Scott Conn noted: “We participate in some of the planning for joint exercises. We participate in those exercises as well. Our EA-18G Growlers are often requested to support exercises in Nellis. We need to make sure that folks understand the capabilities of the air wing as well as the Carrier Strike Group.

During our Maritime Employment course, a good portion of the attendees come from various U.S Air Force units. As another example of Joint integration is that the next air wing will be supported by Air National Guard F-16s from the East Coast.”

In these photos Swamp Fox Airmen from the 169th Fighter Wing and South Carolina Air National Guard are deployed to NAS Fallon to support Naval Carrier Air Wing One with pre-deployment fighter jet training, integrating the F-16’s suppression of enemy air defenses (SEAD) capabilities with U.S. Navy fighter pilots.


Credit: 169th Fighter Wing:11/12/14