An A-400M Slideshow: In Service with Four Air Forces


01/15/2015: We are shortly publishing  two articles built around interviews with the French Air Force (FAF) which is the launch customer for the aircraft.

The FAF has underscored that the multi-national aspect of the program is a core foundation for shaping common concepts of operations and laying the foundation for common support structures as well.

A total of nine aircraft have now been delivered and the aircraft is in service with four nations.

Credit: Airbus Defence and Space

 The 14 photos in this slideshow highlight the following:

  •  First production Airbus Military A400M in French Air Force colors
  •  A400M Air to Air Refueling
  •  A400M and French Patrol
  •  A400M Flares
  •  Airbus Military A400M successfully performs unpaved runway trials
  •  A400M initial airdrop trial 2014
  •  Airbus A330 MRTT tanker aircraft refuels Airbus A400M
  •  A400M drops 24 x 1t containers. Copyright DGA / Nicolas Audouin
  •  First German A400M during its maiden flight
  •  Gen Dato Sri Roslan after inspecting the first Airbus A400M for Royal Malaysian Air Force
  •  First UK Royal Air Force A400M
  •  First Flight A400M German Air Force
  •  A400M for the Turkish Air Force
  •  Airbus A400M successfully demonstrates tanker capability