Visiting Djibouti: November 2014


03/31/2015: In November 2014, Second Line of Defense Co-Founder, Murielle Delaporte, visited the French and American forces in Djibouti. 

These photos highlight some aspects of that visit and we will shortly have an overview on Djibouti and on the role of French forces there informed by that visit.

Djibouti is uniquely located “near a tectonic triple junction, where three tectonic plates meet: African, Arabian and Somali, reads its geological description referring to the Red Sea fault, the Gulf of Aden fault and the Somalian Rift.

Similarly, French armed forces based on the territory guarding the Bab El Mandel straight are assigned missions on a triple front: African, Arabian and Somali…

French forces stationed in Djibouti are therefore strongly relying on the legacy of decades of presence in the area to tackle new challenges and responsibilities in a unique and rapidly evolving multinational framework.

  • In the first photo, the French amphibious ship, Tonnerre, is seen in the Djibouti harbor.
  • In the second photo, Asian, including Chinese.ships are seen in the harbor.
  • In the third photo, the fault lines of three tectonic plates are pictured.
  • The fourth is a graphic showing the prepositioning of French forces as of January 2015. The remaining photos show French forces, generally, and US Marines, exercising with French forces in Djibouti.

These photos are credited to the French Ministry of Defense. 

The second, third and tenth photos are credited to Murielle Delaporte.