Joint Warrior 151 in Scotland – Mine Hunter Operations


04/27/2015: Exercise JOINT WARRIOR 151 is being conducted in Scottish waters.

Donau, the German flagship of SNMCMG1, coordinates the mine hunter operations from Mine Sweeper HNOMS Rauma.

Shots of the HNLMS Willemstad crew using a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) to hunt mines.

Additionally, shots of Belgian sailors from the Danou also operating a ROV. Dutch divers dive into Scottish cold waters to recover a mine. 1. (00:00)

The mine sweeper HNOMS Rauma in search for mines. 2. (00:26)

HNOMS Rauma’s radars locating one mine. 3. (00:27) CU of the radar screens. 4. (00:34)

Dutch divers preparing and departing in search for the mine. 5. (00:55)

HNOMS Rauma’s crew giving instructions on how to locate the mine. 6. (01:17) Underwater shots of the divers searching for the mine. 7. (01:46)

Dutch divers locate the mine. 8. (01:48) The divers locate the mine. 9. (01:54)

The divers return to the ship. 10. (01:59)

The HNOMS Rauma retrieves the 225 kg replica of a mine. 11. (02:20)

CU of a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) being released at sea by the crew of the HNLMS Willemstad. 12. (02:30)

The crew of the HNLMS Willemstad operating the ROV. 13. (02:41)

The information transmitted by the ROV being evaluated onboard the HNLMS Willemstad. 14. (02:54)

The ROV being retrieved. 15. (02:57)

Belgium sailors from the Donau release a ROV at sea. 16. (03:02)

Underwater shots of the ROV released by Belgian crew. 17. (03:08)

Soundbite of Belgium diver: “He takes some measurements. He is looking at the ground to see if there are some objects”.

Credit: Natochannel:4/21/15