Simulated Air Attack on Spanish Warship


04/30/2015: In this phase of Exercise JOINT WARRIOR, a simulated air attack against Spanish warship Mendez Nuñez off the coast of Scotland is highlighted.

This is one tactical exercise among many within Exercise JOINT WARRIOR, which ran from April 11-24 off the coast of Scotland.

NATO’s three standing naval forces (SNFs) consisting of 14 ships joined more than 40 additional warships and submarines and 70 aircraft.

 In total, around 13,000 personnel from 14 countries are participating in the exercise.

The exercise provides complex coordinated training, increasing interoperability between Allied forces and providing valuable experience integrating land, air, and maritime forces.

One might note that the Spanish are performing the Baltic air patrol in their Typhoons and engaging in face to face air dynamics with the Russians on a regular basis as well.