Norwegian F-16s Fly with RAF Typhoons in Baltic Air Policing Role


05/27/2015: NATO Baltic air policing flight over Lithuania as seen in May 2015.

Norwegian Air Force F -16 fighter jets fly alongside Typhoon fighters from RAF while they fulfill their Baltic air policing role.

Credit: Natochannel:5/21/15

According to an RAF story published on May 13, 2015:

RAF Typhoon jets operating as part of NATO’s Baltic Air Policing mission have intercepted Russian military aircraft near Baltic airspace.

The jets, which deployed to the region on 1 May, identified and escorted a Russian reconnaissance aircraft which was flying in international airspace earlier today.

The aircraft was monitored and later departed the area.

The interception comes as 175 UK personnel and two other RAF jets have joined Estonia’s largest military exercise, as part of NATO assurances to Baltic states.

During Exercise Steadfast Javelin (Siil in Estonian) this week, 13,000 troops and reserves are defending positions against a simulated attack by land and air.

The national exercise has been linked to NATO, and includes participants from the US, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Holland and Latvia.

The UK is the second largest contributing nation, with 120 soldiers from 2nd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment, taking part.

A further 55 RAF personnel are supporting two Hawk jets, which are providing air support alongside US A-10 “tank buster” aircraft.

British soldiers are playing the part of attacking forces, partnered with a similar sized US Army unit and working as part of an Estonian infantry brigade.