U.S. Marines and Nepalese Soldiers Deliver Aid on MV-22 Osprey


05/15/2015: U.S. Marines and Nepalese soldiers deliver 4,000 pounds of supplies to include food, hygiene kits, and shelter from Kathmandu, Nepal to areas effected by the earthquake May 7 to support the international humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operation after the country was struck by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

The Nepalese government requested the U.S. government’s help after the earthquake. U.S. Marines from III Marine Expeditionary Force have come together with other U.S. services to form JTF 505, which works in conjunction with U.S. Agency for International Development and the international community, to provide unique capabilities to assist Nepal.

Credit:III Marine Expeditionary Force / Marine Corps Installations Pacific:5/7/15