Visiting the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum


05/18/2015: Second Line of Defense has focused on the Mighty Eighth during a visit to France to commemorate a crew, which crashed in France on July 4, 1943.

Located near Savannah, George one can visit the amazing National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force.

Recently, service members from the United States, Germany, Italy and Canada visit the Mighty Eighth Air Museum in Pooler, Georgia on March 19, 2015 during Operation Skyfall 2015.

Operation Skyfall is a joint, multi-lateral combat camera subject matter expert exchange hosted by the 982nd Combat Camera Company, which takes place at multiple locations in Georgia.

Operation Skyfall is an event which focuses on interoperability of combat camera training and capturing Airborne operations with three partner nations and multi-service units. Includes soundbites from Canadian Corporal Aydyn Neifer, Canadian Forces Imagery Support Center.

 Credit: 1st Combat Camera Squadron:3/19/15