Air Marshal Brown Bids Farewell to the RAFF


07/12/2015: In this video, the outgoing Chief of Staff of the RAAF talks about his look back and ahead. 

He highlights the evolving capability for global and regional operations as the RAAF has become a more sustainable force with global reach with the C-17s and the KC-30As and is looking forward to the impact of the fifth generation revolution on the RAAF.

Credit: Australian Ministry of Defence :7/1/15

For the Second Line of Defense report on RAAF transformation, see the following:

On the third of July, I’ll hand over the command to the new Chief of Air Force, Air Marshal Leo Davies, bringing to a close an incredibly happy and fulfilling chapter of my life. I want to take the opportunity to bid farewell to the entire Air Force family. I leave knowing that the Air Force is in great shape, and that it will be in very good hands.

Never in our long, distinguished history have we been a more balanced or a more capable force. The speed with which we deployed a fully self-contained and potent air task group to the Middle East last September is one example of your professionalism and dedication. Few Air Forces in the world could have mounted such an operation at short notice. And we did it while sustaining a major, ongoing commitment to the security of our maritime borders.

At the same time, responding to humanitarian and natural disasters, both in our region, and as far afield as the Ukraine. It was all of you who made that possible. And as we enter the era of fifth generation air power, it will be a challenging and stimulating time. You should all be incredibly proud of your Air Force, and where you’ll be taking it in the future. I’d actually love to be starting all over again.

But, of course, no farewell would be complete without expressing my heartfelt thanks to every one of you for your support over the past 35 years.

You, the Air Force family, have inspired me, encouraged me, and supported me in all that I’ve done. I could never give Air Force even a fraction of what it has given me– a rewarding career, and friendships and memories that I will always treasure. I also want to thank your families, whose willingness to bear the burdens of service life can never be underestimated, and is highly valued. They make Air Force a family of families.  And, of course, I must say a word about my family, who– as with you– I could have never done any of this without them. They are the best ground crew this pilot could have ever wished for.

In closing, I wish Leo every success in his term as Chief of Air Force. I trust that you give him the same support that you’ve given me. Farewell, and thank you.