C-27J Spartan Arrival in Australia


07/12/2015: An acceptance ceremony was held at RAAF Base Richmond on 30 June 2015 for the first of ten C-27J Spartan battlefield airlifters to enter service with the Royal Australian Air Force.

The aircraft, operated by No. 35 Squadron, will fulfill an airlift role between the Army rotary-wing fleet and Air Force’s larger airlift transport aircraft. RAAF C-27J Spartans will provide airlift to Defence Operations in warlike environments, as well as support Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief missions, being able to deliver payloads and personnel to airfields that are unsuitable for larger aircraft.

Credit: Australian Ministry of Defence:7/1/15


The new Chief of Staff focused on the importance of the C-27J as an asset which would allow the Australian Defence forces to operate throughout the island chains of the Pacific.

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