Aussie C-130s Support Force Insertion


09/23/2015: A Company of Army Commandos have parachuted out of three Air Force C-130 Hercules aircraft and dropped into the waters of Exmouth, Western Australia to fight and defeat a simulated enemy during the inaugural Australian Defence Force Exercise Northern Shield.

The Special Forces contingent descended into Exmouth against the setting sun, loaded into zodiac watercraft and moved to a beach landing site, before conducting a late night raid to clear role player combatants occupying several buildings near a defense facility.

 Credit: Australian Ministry of Defence:9/20/15

Exercise Northern Shield 2015

Exercise Northern Shield is an Australian Defence Force (ADF) training activity where high-readiness forces deploy quickly to North Western Australia in response to a simulated security threat.

It incorporates force preparation activities, Special Forces activities, land force maneuver, air mobile operations and maritime activities.

This is the first time Exercise Northern Shield will be held.

The exercise will entail deploying land forces by air as well as establishing an enhanced air presence in the region, specifically in Learmonth and Exmouth, and simulating support to maritime security operations.

Approximately 1000 Army and Air Force personnel will directly participate in the exercise.