Osprey as Combat Connector: Landing on JMSFD Hyuga during Dawn Blitz 2015


09/21/2015: The Osprey operates as a combat connector among ships in an operation and links with land forces as well.

In this video, an MV-22 lands on the Japanese JMSFT ship Hyuga during Dawn Blitz 2015.

Credit: Defense Media Activity – Navy:9/4/15

Marines and sailors with 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade and Expeditionary Strike Group Three are conducting a large-scale amphibious landing as part of Exercise Dawn Blitz 2015, a multinational amphibious training exercise.

During Dawn Blitz, U.S. Marines and sailors are teaming up with coalition partners in a full-scale training environment, participating in live-fire, sea-based amphibious operations and landings.

The purpose of Exercise Dawn Blitz 2015 is to enhance the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps’ amphibious forces, as well as coalition operational interoperability, and military-to-military relations.

“Dawn Blitz is an opportunity for us to practice our core amphibious capabilities and work with our great partner nations,” said Rear Adm. Daniel H. Fillion, commander, Expeditionary Strike Group Three. “It’s a chance for our partners to teach us how they do amphibious operations, and hopefully, they’ll learn from us how we conduct them.”

A point of coalition training is to fortify the relationships that are vital in joint training environments, responses to crises, joint operations and the defense of common oceanic interests, said Filion.

Countries participating in Exercise Dawn Blitz include forces from the U.S., Japan, Mexico and New Zealand. Additionally, military representatives from Australia, Chile and Colombia are acting as observers during the exercise.

“We’re on a continuum of training,” said Brig. Gen. David Coffman, commanding general, 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade. “As we come out of extended land campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, we’re in the mindset of restoring our naval character and getting back to the sea.”