Red Flag 16-1: The RAAF, the RAF and the USAF Train to Operate in Contested Airspace


01/31/2015: The Red Flag exercise is a realistic combat training exercise involving the air forces of the United States, its allies, and coalition partners.

Red Flag is conducted on the vast bombing and gunnery ranges of the 2.9M acre Nevada Test and Training Range.

It is one of a series of advanced training programs administered by the United States Air Force Warfare Center and executed by the 414th Combat Training Squadron, both located at Nellis AFB, Nev.

The US Air Force (USAF), the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and the UK Royal Air Force (RAF) are participating in a national air-to-air combat training exercise, code-named Red Flag 16-1, at the Nellis Air Force Base (AFB) in Nevada, US.

Red Flag is a US Pacific Air Forces Command-led large force employment exercise designed to train pilots and other flight crew members from the US, Nato, and other allied countries for real air combat situations.

The 18-day exercise will include aircraft from 24 different USAF squadrons.
Additionally, the RAAF has deployed six F/A-18F Super Hornet twin-engine carrier-based multirole fighter aircraft, six F/A-18 A/B Hornet aircraft and an AP-3C Orion equipped with features to track down and sink enemy submarines using torpedoes and Harpoon anti-ship missiles, and an E-7A Wedgetail AEW&C.

The exercise will see participation of 410 RAAF personnel.

Scheduled to conclude on 12 February, Red Flag 16-1 will involve a battle space recreation to enable the air force personnel to display their abilities in a deployed scenario. It is held four times annually.

The exercise is part of a series of advanced training programmes administered at Nellis AFB and on the Nevada Test and Training Range by organisations assigned to the US Air Force Warfare Center.

Divided into two teams, namely Blue Forces and Red Forces, the participants perform counter air, precision strike and offensive air support in packages of up to 100 aircraft during each exercise.

Credit:99th Air Base Wing Public Affairs:1/27/16

Preliminary list for Red Flag 16-1
1.95 FS Raptors “TY Mr Bones”
2.131 FS F-15C “Mass Air Guard”
3.194 FS F-15C “Griffins CA ANG”
4.3 SQN FGR-4 “Cockatrice RAF “
5.157 FS F-16CJ “Swamp Fox  South Carolina ANG”
6.510 FS F-16Cm “Aviano buzzards”
7.VAQ 138 EA-18G “yellowjackets”
8.41 ECS EC-130
9.10 SQN (RAAF) AP-3C
10.9 BS B-1B ” Bats Dyess AFB
11.335 FS F-15E chiefs SJ
12.1 SQN (RAAF) F/A-18F ” Fighting first” Amberley AB”
13.75 SQN (RAAF) F/A-18A  Base Tindal
14.210 RQS HH-60G
15.79 RQS HC-130J
16.47 SQN (RAF) C-130J
17.38 RS RC-135V/W
18.12 ACCS E-8C
19.965 AACS E-3G
20.8 SQN (RAF) E-3D
21.5 SQN (RAF) R-1 Sentinel
22.2 SQN (RAAF) E-7A Wedgetail
23.VQ-1 EP-3C
24.VP-45 P-8 ” Pelicans “
25.VP-1 P-3