B-52s in Baltops 2016


06/06/2016: Three B-52s from Minot Air Force Base land at RAF Fairford to take part in BALTOPS 2016.

2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs:6/2/16

Fifteen NATO and two partner nations will participate in the 44th iteration of the multinational maritime exercise BALTOPS 2016 in the Baltic region.  Events are scheduled to take place in Estonia, Finland, Germany, Poland, Sweden, and throughout the Baltic Sea, June 3-19, 2016.

Approximately 6,100 maritime, ground, and air force troops from participating nations will demonstrate maritime interdiction, anti-subsurface warfare, amphibious operations, and air defense in a joint environment to ensure regional security.

Designed to enhance flexibility and interoperability, as well as demonstrate resolve among NATO and partner forces to defend the Baltic region, BALTOPS 2016 will involve maritime, ground, and air forces to strengthen combined response capabilities necessary to ensure regional stability as well as promote friendship and mutual understanding.