DST Partnership Week


06/11/2016: The Defence Science and Technology Group (DST) is staging open days at its Melbourne laboratory for industry and academia to showcase innovative technologies being developed to give the Australian Defence Force a capability edge.

The Partnerships Week event (6 to 10 June) is part of DST’s outreach campaign for closer ties with companies, universities and public research organisations to undertake collaborative research projects for Defence capability.

Credit: Australian Ministry of Defense:6/9/16

Earlier this year we wrote about the new White Paper and the new industry policy papers.

The Australian government has recently released a new Defense White Paper along with two accompanying documents, a defense industrial policy statement as well as defense integrated investment program.

Together, these documents express the concern with the dynamics of change in the region and beyond, and Australia’s’ approach to shaping an agile, effective and integrated force to deal with these challenges and to enhance force interoperability with the U.S. and other allies in the region…..

How to work with industry differently is seen as a key foundation block for getting to a more agile and integrated force. This is the focus of the Defence Industry Policy Statement.

This Defence Industry Policy Statement sets out the specific measures the Government will take to implement the Defence industry policy, including:
Streamlining the numerous Defence industry and innovation programs under two broad initiatives funded at around $1.6 billion1 over the decade to FY 2025–26:
Establishing a new Centre for Defence Industry Capability, led by an advisory board comprised of private sector and Defence representatives to drive the strategic partnership with Defence, involve industry in governance of the industry programs and provide a range of business and skilling services.

The Centre for Defence Industry Capability, and the associated collaborative activities with Defence, will be funded at around $230 million over the decade to FY 2025–26;

And fostering a new approach to innovation through closer collaboration between Defence, industry and research organisations to jointly develop game-changing innovation and commercialisation opportunities (pages 11-12 Defence Industry Policy Statement).