RAAF Hornets in Northern Shield Exercise


09/08/2016: Exercise Northern Shield 2016 (NS16) is an Australian Defence Force (ADF) training activity where high-readiness forces deploy quickly to remote locations in Australia in response to a simulated security threat.

The exercise will see members of the Navy, Army and Air Force rapidly deploy to counter a fictitious force posing a threat to Australia’s national security in the Kimberley region in North Western Australia.

The exercise incorporates force preparation activities, land force maneuver, air mobile operations and maritime activities. Exercise Northern Shield 2016 demonstrates the ADF’s capacity to project forces in Northern Australia should the need arise to protect the population, resources and infrastructure.

Northern Shield 2016 is designed to ensure state and federal authorities, industry and the ADF, can work in a combined environment to respond to any contingency in the region and provide an agile, decisive and effective deterrent to any future challenges.

Over a 1000 sailors, soldiers airmen and airwomen will participate in the exercise.

Credit: Australian Ministry of Defense:9/7/16