Joint Viking 2017


03/20/2017: Joint Viking is a Norwegian national exercise, where the main goals are to practice crisis management and the defense of Norway.

According to an article published by the Norwegian Ministry of Defence which announced the exercise for March 2017:

The exercise also aims to increase the Norwegian Armed Forces ability to build up forces and manoeuvre across great distances.  In addition, information flow between the units, levels and the military branches will be practiced.

In order for the Norwegian Armed Forces to solve its missions in the best possible way, it is important to operate in natural and challenging surroundings within a joint operational frame in which all the branches of the Norwegian Armed Forces are participating. At the same time it is vital for the Norwegian Armed Forces to be acquainted with all the areas where people live and work in our elongated country.

In 2013 we trained in HordalandNorwegian Armed Forces, in 2014 we trained in Troms, in 2015 we trained in Finnmark, in 2016 we conducted a large exercise in Trøndelag, and now we are back in Finnmark.

In 2017 exercise Joint Viking will be held in March, in an area that stretches from Alta-Lakselv-Karasjok to Kautokeino. The activities will mainly be concentrated along the coast.

Finnmark offers demanding topographic and climatic conditions in addition to great distances, which gives the Norwegian Armed Forces an opportunity to practice logistical support to the units.

It is vital for the Norwegian Armed Forces to train together with allied partners. Therefore, the Norwegian Armed Forces have invited British and American forces to participate in the winter exercise in 2017.

Approximately 700 soldiers from the United States Marine Corps, United States Army and the British Royal Marines will participate.

In order to be prepared for operating in a cold weather climate during the exercise, the British and American participants will conduct training in Norway prior to the exercise. During the exercise the foreign forces will be integrated in the Norwegian units.

8000 soldiers will be participating in the exercise. The number includes all participants, also those who operate from other locations than Finnmark. For example, it includes personnel that coordinate the exercise from the Norwegian Joint Headquarters in Bodø and personnel preparing the aircrafts that will be deployed outside Finnmark County.​