RAAF Weapons Strike Against Daesh


03/30/2017: The first item in the video shows dynamic strike targeting.

During an F/A-18A mission in support of Iraqi Security Forces in Operation OKRA a building in Mosul was being used as a defensive fighting position by persons identified as Daesh fighters.

Australian Special Forces identified through UAV video that the Iraqi Security Forces were taking effective fire and that no civilians were in the area.

Iraqi Security Forces were threatened with imminent loss of life or serious injury by the Daesh fighters.

The Australian Red Card Holder determined that this was a valid target and also determined the best way to attack the Daesh fighters while minimising the risk of collateral damage to the adjacent buildings.

Strike clearance was provided to the F/A-18A and precision GPS guided weapons were used to strike the target. The post strike vision shows that the target was destroyed and firing on Iraqi Security Forces ceased immediately. From the vision it is clear that the effect on the adjacent buildings was minimised effectively.

The second item in the video shows deliberate strike targeting.

A former agricultural facility North of Tal Afar, Iraq was investigated as a potential Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) factory being used by Daesh. Intelligence collection and reporting over a period of time supported the assessment that the facility was being used by Daesh as a VBIED factory and for a range of other military-like purposes.

The primary military objective of this target was to destroy the VBIED factory. Intelligence reporting confirmed there were no civilians in the vicinity of the target area.

The Australian TEA determined that the facility could be struck in compliance with all applicable legal obligations and in accordance with the Rules of Engagement. The video shows simultaneous weapons striking the facility by Australian F/A-18A aircraft, destroying the facility completely.

The video shows secondary explosions from the factory confirming the accuracy of the intelligence reporting that the agricultural facility was indeed being used as a Daesh VBIED factory.

Australian Ministry of Defense:March 28, 2017